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      Miami - 6 February 2020

      Americas Certification Dinner 2020

      Celebration time in Miami!

      Our Certification Dinners are a celebration of the impact of people's practices within organisations around the globe. An event that honours the achievements of HR! 

      On the 6th of February, we celebrate the certification of our Top Employers Americas region 2020 with excellent employee conditions.  All of these Top Employers come together to celebrate, connect, and inspire for a better world of work. 

      Who is this event for?

      This is an exclusive event meant for our Top Employers in the Americas region 2020.  


      1100 West Ave
      Miami Beach, FL 33139
      United States


      12.30pm - 1pm

      HR Seminar Registration

      1pm – 4pm

      HR Seminar

      6pm – 7pm

      Country awards handover

      7pm – 10pm

      Certification Dinner

      10pm – 12am

      After party


      This exclusive event is only accessible for our Top Employers Americas region 2020. For registration, please access the Top Employers Portal. Each certified Top Employer received credentials and an explanation of how to register.


      Take a look at the pictures from last year: 

      Top Employers Americas Certification Dinner 2019

      About us

      Top Employers Institute is the global authority on recognising excellence in people practices. Through the certification programme, participating companies can be validated, certified and recognised as an employer of choice. 

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